Why Build a Capsule Wardrobe for your Kids?

Why Build a Capsule Wardrobe for your Kids?

Having kids has really changed my perspective on shopping & adapting a more minimalist lifestyle. 

It was a struggle to find gender neutral basics for my first baby, Lola Rose.  It felt impossible to locate blankets, onesies, bibs and even diapers that weren't gender specific. I started feeling like there was something wrong with me for wanting a black onesie for a girl.  This is when I decided to buy myself a sewing machine and I taught myself how to make my first blanket, then a bib and out of nowhere The Chevron Heart started. 

2 years after having Lola came Maximus and Lennon; my twin boys.  I then started thinking to myself, how can I find a way for Max and Lennon to wear Lola's hand-me-downs? This is when the new The Chevron Heart started! I wanted The Chevron Heart to focus on gender neutrality as well as minimalism. I wanted to create basics that could be added to any outfit. 

Now, I build capsule wardrobes for my children every season. A capsule wardrobe is the practice of editing a closet down to essential pieces that can be remixed regularly, which allows you to intentionally shop less.  Building capsule wardrobes has saved me time & money.  My kids also have their own unique styles so I take the time to create capsules that show their personalities.  

Here is what I found worked best for myself and the kids when building their capsule wardrobes.

1. Pare down the child's closet to 30 - 40 items every season ( I wouldn't include socks, underwear, backpacks etc).

2. Shop once per season buying pieces that can work well with one another.  Maybe following a colour scheme will work for you.

3.  When the season is about to end, go through the wardrobe and keep the pieces that still fit and can be used the upcoming season. If you have younger kids, pack these pieces away for their siblings to use as hand-me-downs.

4. Keep items that have longevity like a backpack & other accessories.

What's most important is to do what feels good for you & your kids. The amount you buy for each capsule wardrobe is totally up to you and may vary each season. Capsule wardrobes have changed how I shop for my kids.  Less has truly become more

Camo Utility Jacket @oldnavy
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Jersey Skinny Jogger @minimioche
Miller Backpack [Arrowwood Crosshatch] @herschelsupply
Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Sneaker @converse
BLACK Sweatshirt @thechevronheart


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